About us

OTOMATIC specialize in manufacturing DPF cleaning machines.
We have a production plant in Poland that has an area of 3,000 m2, with our own production line, engineers, and technologists. 
OTOMATIC employ over 60 people.

We ship our products to 29 countries on 5 continents.
OTOMATIC focus on innovation.
Otomatic develop innovative DPF filter cleaning solutions.
We are proud of our latest innovative products: DPF filter - pressure washer chamber adapter launched in 2021, and DPF-hybrid cleaning solution launched in 2022.

Analyzing the challgenges of Auto Repair workshops and signals from the market, our company has identified the key expectations of customers, finding that what they demand is higher than the current solutions on the market for systems and processes of cleaning diesel particulate filters.
The result of our study is the development of the Otomatic hybrid cleaning method so-called DPF-hybrid™.
Our DPF hydrodynamic cleaning machines have already gained the trust of hundreds customers from all over the world.
Now our goal is to gain the same trust and customer satisfaction with our latest cleaning technology: DPF-hybrid™
DPF  cleaning  machines  manufacturer
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